Friday, October 8, 2010

A fork


Continuing with the tradition of Cutlery Day, we have the fork. Not only will it provide pleasure, but if you've been sticking things in your ass (mainly food or gerbils), this utensil will help you out. It can easily grab and hold onto 80% of the things you stick in your ass that you want out (why would you want things out though? That's what pooping is for). Stick a fork in your butt, it's done!

Stay tuned for an exciting guest appearance from an obscure cutlery piece after this...


  1. I gotta say this is one of the most helpful things i can stick in my butt. Plus the slightly sharp prongs rip the skin just right...

  2. nice work here... btw, I have Hayden Panetierre bubbled on Enhanced by MS Paint :P

  3. This is my new favourite blog, LOL

  4. lol i use forks for everything
    no not for butt pleasure

  5. ahaha just laughing with the title of the blog :P

  6. favorite comments...

    "yeah, shit is pretty cash. supporting"
    "awesome, I have to agree here!"

    Reading is a good thing... fucking sick btw.. and not the good sick... but epic lulz :D

  7. Only fork going into my butt is... wait NO no fork in my butt!