Monday, October 11, 2010

A Kentucky flintlock musket

Things are odd in Kentucky when you stick this up your butt.

"This rifle evolved from the German hunting guns and was a major rival of the Brown Bess. Typical rifle in use in the American colonies it became, thanks to its lightness and accuracy, one of the most popular American rifles. "

Sweet. You can stick this popular rifle in your butt today. As always, load it with a dildo and fire it up your butt with the help of a friend. Repeat on friend. 

For added historical accuracy, wear a raccoon-skin cap and a blue coat to symbolize your love for America's colonies. 


  1. Dude no joke, this is like the 3rd time I've heard about this rifle in the past couple of days. Specifically about it vs the Brown Bess. It's a funny coincidence, but it's like I'm becoming an expert on 1700's small arms (Not really though.). Lol.

  2. The Situation, I planned on making this about the Brown Bess, actually. That's today's other entry though, maybe. Weird, though.

  3. seems a bit big, come with someone thing abit tinyer next time? :D